Music: Campus Band – Madisun


Dane Beattie, guitarist and lead vocalist for Madisun, speaks to O-two about the band’s links with MusicSoc and his penchant for skipping class

Who are your members and what do they play?

I’m Dane Beattie, I play rhythm guitar and sing lead vocals. Charles Frisby plays the sax and piano and he sings as well. Simon Flynn plays lead guitar. Sam McLoughlin plays bass and Niall McEvoy plays drums.

Where did the band’s name come from?

It just kind of came to me. We just wanted a one-word name, a big name. I just thought it was kind of catchy. I said it to the lads and they really liked it, so we went away with it.

Where do you gig?

We gig everywhere. We only started around November, so it’s only early days. We’ve done Whelan’s and all those kind of places. We’re doing the Student Bar soon and we’ve got Oxegen coming up in the summer. We’re trying to gig once or twice a week and we work real hard as a band.

What do you play on your tour bus?

We all would have different influences. It ranges from slow blues to rock ‘n’ roll to classical, as my cousin plays piano. There wouldn’t be anything not included. It’s all types of music; we wouldn’t want to pigeonhole it.

How do you describe your sound?

Melodic rock’n’roll or stadium rock. There are a lot of different sounds. I’ve heard other people say things even we wouldn’t think of. It’s up to the listener really.

How did you join the band?

My cousin and I were writing for about two years and we thought: ‘There’s something there.’ Some of the songs were really good. We just thought we’d get a band going. We kept on writing, trying to do a Lennon-McCartney on it. We found a band, I went to college and I met Niall the drummer. He was in a band with Sam and they broke up to play with us. We went to MusicSoc looking for a lead guitarist at some meeting and we met Simon there. He was the first person we talked to and he was unreal. We started practicing and it just rolled on from there.

What’s the best thing about UCD?

I haven’t really been in about 10 weeks; it has been a bit of a disaster. I don’t know, UCD is just great, but I haven’t seen much of it.

What’s the worst thing about UCD?

We’ll be diplomatic and say there’s nothing bad about it.

Who you would you pick to play your dream festival?

I would pick different to the rest of the band. I would probably say The Who, The Rolling Stones, and The Beatles. The band would choose Oasis, Coldplay, and Queen with Freddie Mercury. There are loads that we would choose.

What is your dream venue to play?

The dream would be in the same year, weekend sell-out at Wembley Arena and Madison Square Garden.

How do you differ from other bands in UCD?

From what I’ve heard about other bands, we work twice or three times harder than any other band. We practice four or five times and try to gig twice a week. I think its 65 per cent effort, and the songs are good enough. We want to get into the studio and do a proper demo.

In conversation with Cormac Duffy.

For more information visit to, or their SoundCloud page. Madisun play the Student Bar on February 16th.