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Buck 65 catches up with Eimear O’Reilly to divulge what it’s like hanging out with Feist and explain how comparisons to Eminem dogged his early career.

BUCK 65, REAL name Rich Terfry, is a Canadian musician known for his experimental endeavours in the hip hop scene. Following his 2007 release, Situation, Rich has been fusing blues, country and avant garde electro in his own abstract style. But does pushing the boundaries of genres hinder his progress in any way?

Buck certainly believes that working within the Canadian music community has helped benefit his developing talent as a musician.

“There’s such an incredible sense of community here, and people helping one another out. I don’t know if this happens in other parts of the world but all the big figures from the Toronto music scene here, I see them and I interact with them on a regular basis.”

He genuinely seems excited about the developing music scene in Canada, describing how going to gigs and mixing with the likes of Broken Social Scene, Feist and Holy Fuck is commonplace.

“It’s a great thing the way the community comes together and supports each other, beyond that we’ll start picking out basketball teams together or play softball every Sunday!”

“Everything that I do gets compared to Jay Z, in my mind it’s kinda like comparing Joanna Newsom to Iggy Pop”

But at the same time Buck notes the importance of positioning yourself on an international level. It seems Buck 65 has been burdened with the classifications of genres, especially that of hip hop.

“If my music and my career, and everything that I do gets compared to Jay Z, in my mind it’s kinda like comparing Joanna Newsom to Iggy Pop… But it’s apples and oranges, it’s an unfair comparison to make but it’s one that’s being constantly made for me.”

It seems that with each endeavour outside of the hip hop playing field, Buck 65 is met with the constraints of being labelled within the music scene. When talking about comparisons in the press with the likes of Beck and Tom Waits, he tends to agree that these artists have been of significant influence in his music. But the press hasn’t always been so kind.

“I’m almost never compared to any sort of hip hop person, when I’ve experienced some extremely lazy journalism I’ve seen a few comparisons to Eminem which I just think means white person rapping, and I think not a lot of thought has gone into that.”

Yet it seems none of this will stand in Rich’s way. Looking forward, he seems optimistic. Speaking on his current touring schedule he enthuses about playing his music to a wider audience. For his upcoming Irish dates, he promises new material, as well as some new dance moves and outfits.

“I can’t think of too many places that rival the response that I get in Ireland.” He goes on to explain that the Irish crowd “just seems to get it”. He muses that maybe it’s got something to do with his own Irish origins, but then again who doesn’t claim Irish heritage these days?

Buck 65 kicks off his tour in the Roisin Dubh, Galway on 24th April.