Mixtape / The Freshers' Mix


Frolicking aimlessly is what the college experience is all about, so Grace Duffy has compiled a list of the best fun-filled anthems with which to let your hair down…

‘Party Hard’ – Andrew WK
Nothing says party hard like…those exact words. The feverish spirit of first years is perfectly captured in this raucous ode to jubilation. Extra points for its happy association with Jackass. Good times.

‘Living On A Prayer’ – Bon Jovi
Jon Bon Jovi is more than just a fine man; he also knows how to get the people on their feet and keep them boisterously hollering into the small hours. Not to mention, the lyrics actually resonate in no small way with we aspiring young things. Johnny used to work on the DART…

‘Jump Around’ – House of Pain
One of my dearest friends quite literally screams and leaps onto the dance floor in one fell swoop whenever this song comes on in a club. Nothing short of inspiring, that one.

‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ – Queen
Perfect for a group hug with your nearest and dearest, followed by a glorious dance hall would-be reenactment of that magnificent scene from Shaun of the Dead.

‘Fight For Your Right’ – Beastie Boys
What’s that you say? A cliché? Hardly. It’s not as if everyone gleefully takes to their seats when this baby hits the speakers. Yeah.

‘Shape Cutting Catalyst’ – Glamour For Better
YOU HAVEN’T LIVED UNTIL YOU’VE HEARD THIS SONG. You’ll find yourself randomly quipping “Give us yo’ number, oh no” for weeks. (I take no responsibility for the annoyance this is bound to eventually cause.)

‘Killing In The Name Of’ – Rage Against The Machine
A true classic among classics, this song has it all – industrial distortion, beautiful bass line, and profanity-laden lyrics you can scream at the top of your lungs while you mosh.

‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ – Oasis
I dare you to find me an over-zealous, heavy drinking bunch of spirited party-goers who don’t immediately break out in song when some idealistic classmate plucks this up on guitar at a house party.

‘Misery Business’ – Paramore
I can’t help it; I really am coming over shocking emo these days. And I rather like this tune. Bouncy, groovy, fun-loving…you can’t help but be swept up in the vivacity of it all!