Letter from the Eds


O hai readers,

The leaves are falling off the trees, it’s getting cold and mid-term exams are offering the first potential pants-wetting experience of the ongoing exam rollercoaster. However, life goes on and procrastination still remains students’ favourite pastime.

Normally editorials should have hard-hitting truth bombs about the various cancers of modern society, but here at o-two we say kick back with some puffer fish and read our trashy mag.

o-two had a serious problem two weeks ago as our whole email system crashed thanks to the droves of people entering our competition to win The Social Network t-shirts. We hope all you lucky winners enjoy your prizes.

On a serious note, due to the sheer volume of emails being received, it is unrealistic for our resident sex columnist Fadora McSexypants HGV to answer all your queries. Do continue to read her column, which always has delightful advice for those of you who are into that sort of thing.

This issue, we are delighted to bring you a fantastic interview with KT (not Katie) Tunstall. o-two Music Editor, Grace Murphy, chats about tigers and the future for the Scottish singer-songwriter. Meanwhile, Jon Hozier-Byrne hits you up with Oscar shoe-in Jackass 3D and Kieran Murphy gets feet and puts shoes on them, all in the name of fashion.

Till next time,

Emer and Killian