Guide to Campus Life: UCD Societies


One of the highlights of UCD life is the many clubs and societies. Whether you’re looking to do some basket-weaving or play some tiddlywinks, the Societies Council have probably thrown enough funding at a society to offer not only any activity you might like to partake in, but also to provide you with enough coffee mornings that you’ll never want to see a cup of coffee again. Almost all of them will be whoring themselves out in the Freshers’ Tent this week, so let us guide you through the highs and lows of UCD’s societies.


For a society packed full of law students, the Law Society has had more than its fair share of not-entirely-legal drama. Between forging cheques, dodgy elections, rampant sexism and sudden resignations, becoming heavily involved in this society seems like the best way to ruin your legal career before it has even begun.

Literary & Historical Society

Don’t be deceived by the name, the L&H have never even thought about anything related to literature or history, never mind running events to cater for those interests. They only chose to go down the L&H route because ‘Offering Guest Speakers Fake Awards Instead of Paying them Speaker Fees Society’ didn’t fit on the membership cards.


For the first time in UCD’s history, FilmSoc have a real purpose. The opening of the cinema has given them validation, something that they previously lacked. Now all they have to do is choose films to show a couple of days a week, and they can call their year a success. With membership set to at least triple with the allure of free popcorn and movies, FilmSoc are likely to collapse in on itself with the pressure of having more than about four members to cater for. Keep your eyes peeled for movie classics like Battle Royale, the Jungle Book and Battle Royale again.


In EngSoc, there are right angles, tensions and piling but sadly no women. Efforts to attract the fairer sex to the society have ended only in failure, however this year’s committee are adamant that the ‘Cooty-free EngSoc’ campaign will help the ladies to overcome their fears. EngSoc has introduced a new policy that welcomes make-up and tall shoes to the Engineering building and they’re hoping this will attract some or else a new strain of cross-dressing Mechanical Engineers.

Mature Student Soc

In the Mature Student Society, crowd control is always their first priority. With only four front seats available at any of their meetings, fights have been known to break out over those precious places. Topics of discussion include where the best black coffee is available, the dissipated youth and how damn sexy lecture slides can be.


The Health Science faculty attracts some of the most ambitious of Ireland’s Leaving Certs. students and this doesn’t stop when they get to UCD. Those involved in the Medicine Society aren’t satisfied to simply cover one area of interest for its members; they want to do everything all the other societies are doing too. Whether it’s organising debates, organising rugby tournaments, organising guest speakers, organising balls, organising a run around the city in their underwear, or just generally organising anything they can, they aim to do everything possible in order to stop the medicine students talking to anyone else on campus.


Do not be deceived by that deceptive bale of hay, AgSoc is a modern, cutting age society, more like an installation art piece than a field of grass. They do not play up on clichés; they believe the Irish language to be dead, barn dances to be passé and county jerseys too antagonistic in the colour spectrum. Misrepresentation hounds these guys, the ‘culchie’ name exists and they acknowledge it, and carry it around with them snuggly between their football boots and their O’Neills trackies in their club’s football bags everyday.

UCD Musical Society

UCD MusicalSoc’s greatest lifelong dream is to become Glee. They certainly have the nasal american singing and Broadway-ifying of normal music down. Beware of any sort of college-run event for a surprise attack of an acoustic a capella version of Lady Gaga.


If there is any society that will completely destroy your degree, it’s Dramsoc. Once you start, once you get a taste of that sweet, sweet limelight, the applause from the two, maybe three audience members who also belong to Dramsoc, you are hooked for life. Say goodbye to your GPA and any non-Dramsoc friends you had, your old life is meaningless now.


Do you have more Warhammer figurines than friends? If you answered yes, then Gamesoc is the society for you. Gamesoc dedicate themselves to playing the most in-depth, time consuming and obscure games on the planet, balanced with the odd bit of Pokémon and mock assassination. The minimum rulebook length is 70 pages.