For the love of the music


This man in green is no post-Paddy’s Day reject – Sinéad Matthews chats with Belgian DJ sensation, Dr Lektroluv.DUE TO HIS vast student following, many readers will no doubt have heard of Dr Lektroluv. And even if you haven’t, his unique image as the man in the green mask and sunglasses is hard to ignore. With a name which stems more from a “kind of a joke than a serious brainstorm”, this man is obviously out to have fun.

Dr Lektroluv created his eye-catching image because of a need for people to recognise and appreciate his music rather than the person supplying it. “I found it unimportant who was playing this kind of music,” he explains. “I decided to make a kind of disguise and hide myself because in this sort of way I thought it was not as important to know who the DJ was.”

Having started DJing 20 years ago, Dr Lektroluv clearly loves what he is doing. His main aim is to become as widely established as possible, as well as change the attitudes of people towards dance music. “I think it’s very exciting to try to convince people who have never heard of this kind of music and try to make them dance and be happy.”

With influences from the Eighties, when he was first attracted to club and electronic music, his dance tracks contain electronic, pumping beats that have attracted a great student fan base, which he believes is down to their energetic lifestyle as well as their thirst for a good party. “I think they’re up for partying” he states. “I think that’s the main thing – that they always want to bring a smile on people’s faces, always want to have a good party.”

He may love a good party, but this DJ knows how to work hard. Since creating Dr Lektroluv eight years ago his hectic lifestyle now sees him travelling from his hometown in Belgium to various parts of Europe. He also has plans to keep himself busy this summer with a tour all over Europe with an additional two tours in Asia.

“It’s very exciting to try to convince people who have never heard of this kind of music and try to make them dance”

He shows no signs of stopping anytime soon and when asked where he sees himself in ten years’ time his answer is that he just wants to keep doing what he loves and continue on in the music business. “I still don’t know what I’m doing, I think. I enjoy what I do. It’s a lot of work, sometimes good times, sometimes bad times but I enjoy what I do.”

And if he wasn’t performing as a DJ and keeping people on their feet then what career path would Dr Lektroluv be following? “I like design, I like comics, I like that kind of stuff. Maybe there’s something in that kind of genre.” he muses. “Or probably having a second hand shop, something like that. I could also do that as well.”

You might just spot a man in a green mask behind a shop counter some day, but for now, he’s sticking to the stage.

Dr Lektroluv played The Academy on Friday, 20th March.