Film: Top 10 – Nerd Movies


Do you get excited when you hear talk of lightspeed or see comic book references?  Well let Emer Sugrue educate you in the way of the nerd

10. Back to the Future – The series is singlehandedly responsible for my obsession interest in time travel and my childhood introduction to the world of nerd. Who doesn’t get a pang of hope every time the speedometer edges towards 88mph?

9. Ghostbusters – Dan Akroyd gets a blowjob from a ghost, need I say more? When even the dead are queuing up for a taste of nerd, you know the geek has inherited the earth.

8. Kick-Ass – All superhero movies are nerdy to an extent, but none so much as kick ass. He has no actual superpowers, no money and no fighting skills, yet he not only defeats the bad guy (admittedly with the help of a foul-mouthed child and a fuckton of weaponry) but despite a complete lack of social skills to the point of pretending he is gay to impress a girl, he actually gets her! Total nerd fantasy, totally kick ass.

7. Primer – Made for just €7,000 by an engineer and mathematician, you’ll need a PhD in physics just to realise how little you understand this time travel film. It’s practically Joycean in its incomprehensibility; there aren’t so much time lines as time vomit.

6. The Social Network – Aspirational nerdery at its finest. An average nerd becomes a bajillionaire by the age of 25, through nothing but brain power and an insatiable thirst for your personal information.

5. Star Trek (2009) – The release of this Star Trek reboot prompted the globe’s first simultaneous nerdgasm – it has Spock, time travel, alternate continuity, Spock, space ships, laser fights, Simon Pegg and Spock. You won’t be able to breath from the sheer geekery radiating from the screen.

4. Star Wars – In many ways, this was the birth of geekitude. Sure, Star Trek came out years before, but this is when it really hit the mainstream. No longer did alien planets consist of an oval of quarry but whole planets of quarry. The only thing lacking in nerd fantasy was the chicks: Captain Kirk got a green-skinned alien babe, Luke got his own sister.

3. The Net – From the high-tech world of 1995, Sandra Bullock has all her information stolen. But instead of losing some money and spending the film arguing with the bank, they stole her LIFE. All of it. And Facebook wasn’t even invented yet. But don’t worry – Sandra has a floppy disk with the internet on it, so it’s cool.

2. Die Hard 4.0 – In between all the explosions, ass kicking and dirty vests, is the hacking. So much hacking. Traffic lights gone red? Hack them. People breaking into your building? Hack the gas pipe. There’s a deleted scene in which Bruce Willis hacks his fridge to store more milk.

1. Scott Pilgrim – This film has more video game references than dialogue. Every movement has a nod to some sort of geek pop culture. Despite becoming an instant cult hit amongst the indoorsy amongst us, it turns out that the people who have money and the people who go on the internet aren’t in the same Venn diagram. Oh well.