Fashion / In the Summertime


Summer upon us again, Aisling Conlon takes a look at what to wear to get you through everybody’s favourite season

IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN. The cherry blossoms are in full bloom by the lake so we all know that exam time doom is here to put a dampener for the next few weeks. Don’t despair though. Reading week and exams also go hand in hand with hazy sunshine trying to lure you from the depths of the library to sit under those cherry trees.

Embrace the sunshine and get outside with those books. Even if you must stay in the library, at least look sunny. It will make you feel much better about the looming exams! With floral patterns, a staple most summers, bigger really is better this season. The skirt from Penney’s, pictured, at €17 is one of the best buys out there at the moment.

Pastels are cute, wearable and look great with this seasons bold florals. Even those of us blessed with an icy Irish complexion can get away with pink and peach-toned pastels.

For the guys, keep it casual. A pair of three-quarter length trousers will get you through the season. Team them with t-shirts in light, bright colours and casual shirts and just relax!

We all love our jeans and summer doesn’t mean that you can’t wear them. Our economy is having an Eighties revival so embrace the mood and get those bright-coloured denims out. Pink, blue or purple – team your day-glo jeans with something light and delicate to make sure you don’t look like a 15-year-old emo kid.

So enjoy the summer. Wear fun clothes and enjoy whatever you do when you escape the concrete jungle.


Helen & Rob
Floral skirt, €17
Pink top, €7
Denim shorts, €9
White shirt, €13


Aoife, Paddy & Sinéad
Pink jeans, €13
White top, €13
Grey shorts, €15
T-shirt, €4
Purple dress, €17

All merchandise is from Penney’s, available in stores nationwide.
Photographer: Colin Scally