Election Special: Horrible Histories – UCDSU


1974 – The UCD Clique Society is formed. Students sign up in great numbers to the society in the tent during Freshers’ Week for £2. With their membership comes a free condom, a tyre puncture repair kit and £2 concession card to d|two on Thursdays.

1975 – Genuinely stuck for anything to do with their time as the Clique Society, the group of hacks reform their mandate and change the society into a Union that aims to represent students, while also providing a stepping-stone into politics.

1981 – Six years after the formation of the Students’ Union, re-sit fees have increased ten fold and library hours have been reduced by a collective 9,000 hours over three years.

1995 – RON pulls out of the UCDSU elections with the intention of focusing on her degree.

2005 – The most successful SU President takes office after commanding a significant proportion of the mandate. James Carroll follows up his successful election campaign by being the first elected member of the SU to have his own Wikipedia page [disambiguation required].

2007 – Accommodation, Employment, Research and Development Officer position created.

2008 – Accommodation, Employment, Research and Development Officer position abolished and Louise of Fade Street fame becomes a member of UCDSU.

2008 to present – World War Fee is in full swing. The extremity of the matter is demonstrated by 2,200,000 students [Citation needed] mobilising themselves on the streets of Dublin to protest.

2014 – On the green space outside the O’Reilly Hall, Fees and UCDSU fight out their final battle in a “winner takes all reg fees” bout. You’ll just have to wait until then to see what happens.

– Killian Woods