Drink: Top five cheapo wines


At this time of year, everyone’s looking worriedly at their wallets – so Louis Westwater is here to share the best five cheap nights in

11. Paul Masson Rosé
There’s no doubt about it, folks: Paul is a man that deserves to be treated with respect. Be prepared for 1.5 litres of Californian rocket fuel that will be your best friend for a night, but your worst enemy for an indefinite number of subsequent hours. For sessioning purposes, the Rosé is your best bet, though some may opt for the white if one’s palate favours that extra bite of acidity. Grab a pint glass and some ice and neck it, like a true wine connoisseur. When Bush went to Iraq looking for weapons of ‘Mass’ destruction, someone should have told him they were right on his doorstep! The bottle also makes a great vase, perfect for all the botanists and romantics out there.

22. Buckfast
Southwest England’s finest export since Ambrosia Devon Custard, this magical concoction, originally a ‘tonic wine’, has cemented its place atop the upper echelons of legendary status amongst Irish college students and junkies alike. Something of a Marmite to the wine world (you either swear by it, or swear whenever it is mentioned), its sugary bouquet and nectar-like flavours have drawn criticism from the British government on numerous occasions, who claim that ‘Buckie’ encourages underage drinking and anti-social behaviour. Bottoms up!

33. Chilano
Not to be confused with ‘Chileno’. Both the red and the white are highly palatable and can be picked up in Tesco’s for €7.99; knock a euro off this price when shopping at independent off licences around the country. This is a real find, and would convert even the strictest beer drinker into a patron of the grape! Refreshingly different and easy to drink.

44. JP Chenet
Because a wine review isn’t wouldn’t be a wine review without something French in it. Dunnes are currently offering 3 bottles for €15, along with ‘Inycon Fiano’ and ‘Torrelongares’. All these labels are suspiciously cheap and are mass-produced, but at a fiver a bottle, UCD students deserve to be aware!

55. Wally’s Hut
A mouthwatering Australian white, this one is a favourite with the ladies. Slightly cheaper than Blossom Hill in most outlets, and far superior in composition, body and finish, the tongue is instantly captured by a burst of fruit: kiwi, pineapple, and a hint of gooseberry all come to mind… okay, that’s all waffle, but with a €6.99 price tag, Wally’s serves its purpose, as evidenced by outstanding sales at the Merville Centra.