Blog It!


A myriad of choice, fashion tastes are as broad as the selection of blogs dedicated to them online. Corbmac McKay has a look at three very different style guides.

Loved by some and loathed by others, fashion blogs design and sculpt the very clothes which are deemed correct for us to wear. Each site can be associated with a different sense of individuality, or a certain niche who can be targeted by what motifs decorate their tops and what shoes wrap their feet. Just Google for “fashion blogs” and the list is endless: some might be a collaboration of outdated and unrealistic trends which would hardly ever be considered fashionable; others are, to borrow a phrase, un peu d’air sur terre.

Fake Karl Lagerfeld ( is a site devoted to an over-the-top attitude of the stereotypically fabulous and artificial world of fashion. Karl’s portrayal of fashion is both outrageously materialistic and modish. Pieces created by this fashion guru can be a daunting challenge to read for those not in touch with Milan’s red carpet or New York’s catwalk. To be honest, what Karl writes about can be seen as absolute nonsense; each paragraph focuses on the absurd and is irrelevant to the next, at one stage ridiculing an “orange nut muffin” and following with a paragraph dedicated to “an unemployed interior designer”.

Karl’s blogs are undeniably witty and easy to read, but lack the adequate photography appreciated in most fashion blogs. The site itself is dark and sophisticated with a forever stylish monochrome and colourless layout, typically used to employ a suave audience. But its relevance to fashion? Minimal. An odd pun is thrown in here and there and at times the fashion jargon can be interpreted, but all in all the site itself is more an exaggerated account of a passion for the empires of style.

Face Hunter ( is entirely different. There is no verbosity describing what fashion is and what should be worn – instead, viewers are allowed to decide for themselves through a series of striking images. This site certainly has its feet on the ground of fashion and reminds us that it is all about individuality. Everyday people are caught wearing their own collaborations in hope to inspire the nation – from rural chic to contemporary geek, you can find it all. Inspiration can be attained by simply glancing through the pictures, rather than read long irrelevant passages concerning matters that are simply nothing to do with fashion. This bohemian mix concentrates on juxtapositions that are irrevocably aesthetic and ocular.

Cherry Blossom Girl ( is perhaps the most impressive fashion blog available on the net. This site not only catches fashion in a sublime form, but adopts the forever lasting popular culture. The page itself is decorated with pretty doodles and iconic images. If you are the impatient sort and need to find a specific piece of clothing, a simple list on the left hand side of the page (be it shoes, accessories or tees, the list is exhasutive) is perfect for your needs. Sharp bright images are flaunted next to a neat and precise layout which makes browsing all the easier and enjoyable. The overall site is like an attractive assortment of chocolates with a wide variety of style and something here for everyone.

Browsing through these sites there is a stark and bold eye catcher: none of these sites have anything in common concerning clothes and fashion advice. Each site is dedicated to a different style and target market, from goth to fashionista, there is a wide variety of fashion advice. This does concern their relevance to fashion, and how they convey what people should wear. From studded leather chokers to cotton paisley pinafores, there is a huge juxtaposition that goes against the standards of contemporary style. What is its relevance to seasonal style? Is it a sheer chaotic mess of what the editor could find first or is it genuine from the fashion houses that truly create fashion? This is really up to the reader, and this is what every person intends to find when they read a fashion blog.

Fashion blogs can be as reliable as a fabricated celebrity diet, but there are some which capture our hearts and suit our approach to fashion – and these are the true gems which we hold close to us under the Favourites tab forever. Once you find something that suits both your individual tastes and budget, you’ve struck gold. It’s individual praise that justifies these blogs’ dedication to fashion.