Please Talk: Exam Stories


What’s your best exam story?

My friend purposely tried to fail his Junior Cert woodwork, to make his teacher look bad (he got a load of As in his other exams). He handed up a sheet of plywood and said it was a tray. He got a D in higher.

Michael O’Donnell, 2nd year Psychology

Right before a Leaving Cert exam, our car broke down and my Dad had to bring me to the exam in a tractor.

Eimear Pilkington, 1st Med


In the middle of my physics Leaving Cert exam, the girl in front of me projectile vomited all over her exam paper.

Kate O’Brien, Pre-Med


While sitting the English paper one exam for the Leaving Cert, we got paper two instead of the English paper one. It caused a national scandal and everyone had to come in on a Saturday to sit English paper two again.

Neil MacEoin, First Med