Observer Voxpops – Are you aware of the Gilmore’s 250 campaign and will you be attending the demonstration on November 19th?

“I am not because I have a lot of study to do. I’ve gotten loads of Facebook invitations but not really.” Ryan Cunningham – 3rd year Medicinal Chemistry

“I’m not aware of the campaign at all and no I am not.”
Eleanor Keane – Science Masters Student

“No I’m not going. The reality of it is that the campaign won’t change anything.”
Eoin Madigan – 2nd year Engineering

“I don’t really know what the campaign is, I’ve just seen people talking about it on Facebook. I hadn’t even heard that there was a march going on.”
Eimear McIvor – 2nd year Arts & Lucy Mandal – 2nd year Social Science

“I don’t know what the Gilmore’s 250 campaign is, I haven’t heard about it.”
Sorcha O’Brien – 1st year Arts

“No, I never heard about any march or campaign, I don’t know what it’s about.”
Aishling Cooney – 3rd year Food Science