UCD history tutors earn less than those in Trinity


HISTORY tutors in UCD are being paid around €5 less per essay they correct then their Trinity College Dublin (TCD) counterparts.

TCD tutors receive €7 per essay that they grade for students. Contrasting with this, UCD tutors are paid €1.21 per 1,000 word essay, and €2.50 for every essay graded that is over 1,000 words.

One School of History tutor told The University Observer that they feel the UCD pay scheme is “flawed”, adding that the tutors don’t understand why there is such a difference in pay in both universities. The tutor felt that that the amount earned by Trinity was more representative of the workload that is required by tutors, the tutor argued that “UCD is meant to be at the same level as Trinity… the only difference in our university is that we have more students.”

Explaining the staff have not complained about the issue due to a fear that doing so would place their careers in jeopardy, the tutor claimed that a number of years ago “tutors went on strike (and) they got a blackened name”.

“That’s the problem… you’re working within the realms of being a tutor and are ultimately aiming to become a lecturer” said the tutor. “You don’t want to step on anyone’s toes. You have to work within the system even though it’s flawed because usually what happens is a few tutors will be taken on when they qualify for part-time contract work”

A number of History tutors resigned from the school at the end of the first semester last year, due to the pay rate and workload that is required from them.

The standard rate of pay for tutors is €32.74 per hour but those with Masters degrees are eligible to earn an additional €10 per hour.