UCD Anarchists aim to become official society


THE UCD Anarchist Society is planning a bid to gain recognition as an official student political society. The group, which has been recently established, is currently discussing plans to submit an application to the Recognition Committee of the Societies Council.

A member of the UCD Anarchist Society stated that he was confident there would not be any problems in their bid to become an official political society. “There’s an anarchist society in Trinity College Dublin (TCD) and NUI Maynooth so there shouldn’t be any problems getting one in UCD”, said the member. “There’s a number of anarchists working and studying on campus so it made sense to get us into an organised group as such”.

He expressed his happiness at the interest about the group explaining that “out of the total amount of people who turned up at the meeting, there was only four of us in national groups, the rest were new faces. It’s good to see a dozen other people there so it was quite a healthy start”.

The member was confident that the debate on university fees would encouage students to think about the society’s views, explaining that “in UCD we’d be active in the campaigns against fees and the introductions of fees. That’s the most pressing issue at the time”.

The member admitted that although there were negative aspects that would be associated with their group, this was mainly because of the many types of anarchism that exist.

“An individual anarchist would not generally believe in authority or organisation”, the member explained. “On the other hand, social anarchists like us would believe in it… so we’ll try to push our ideas without the common ideas of anarchists with the long coats and the bomb”.

“We would have a lot in common with Socialism but we believe more in democracy and freedom,” explained the member. “We would not be in favor in violence… we believe in organisation and putting forward our ideas in a coherent manner”.

There are seven different political societies in UCD. The majority of political societies have seen an increase in membership this term with Ógra Fianna Fáil’s Kevin Barry Cumann signing up over 600 members during Fresher’s week, making it the largest political society in UCD.