SU order withdrawal of Nightrider bus service


The Students’ Union have taken the decision to suspend its Nightrider bus service as a result of anti-social behaviour from a small group of students.

It is understood that the behaviour in question was not carried out by students coming from the Student Bar, but rather, were returning from a night out in the city centre.

UCDSU President Paul Lynam said: “It wasn’t people necessarily using the service, in a lot of cases what we have seen was that it was students from Res. It wasn’t students from the Student Bar using the service, which it was supposed to be for, it was students who were not even using the service.”

Lynam told The University Observer that “there was a few incidents, obviously a minority of students again, that caused disruption to the service,” and labelled the behaviour “drunken antics”.

In addition, Lynam informed The University Observer that he made the decision to withdraw the service on the recommendation of the Students’ Union Entertainments Vice-President Jonny Cosgrove: “The Entertainments Officer felt that for the safety of the driver and for fellow students, that it was best to suspend the service pending review.”

The withdrawal of the service has once again brought to light the issue of anti-social behaviour on transport services by UCD students. In the 2008/09 academic year, Dublin Bus withdrew bus services to the campus after 9pm after complaints of dangerous and threatening student behaviour from drivers.

An SU spokesperson said that the decision “was not reached lightly” and that it was taken in the interest of safety to both drivers and students. The spokesperson concluded that the SU are “not going to run a service that risks anybody’s safety.”

Lynam expressed the benefits of the service, and that he believed that it was welcomed by students at the Student Bar and that they benefited greatly from it: “It was a nice new initiative. It was €2 to drop you to your local area.”

“The Nightrider bus service was established to ensure a safe and cheap journey home for all UCD Students after the late bar events in the SU bar.”

The Students’ Union has expressed its desire for feedback on the matter, and in a statement, said: “We welcome all comments and feedback on this matter. The SU is extremely disappointed that a service intended to help all students has been destroyed by a minority.”