SU in row over Survival Guide details


UCDSU’s Student Summer Survival Guide has been embargoed until 1st July in a row over which of the SU officers should appear in the booklet, The University Observer has learned.

The front cover of the SU's Summer Survival Guide, which will now not appear until July
The front cover of the SU's Summer Survival Guide, which will now not appear until July

The Guide, which is produced by the SU Research & Media Office, features contact details and advice from the incoming Welfare and Education Vice-Presidents, Scott Ahearn and James Williamson. However it has emerged that a dispute among the sabbatical officers over whose details should appear in the guide has resulted in the booklet being shelved until July, despite the printed copies arriving on campus this week.

It is understood that incoming President Paul Lynam argued that it should have been current Education Officer Donnacha Ó Súilleabháin’s details and photo in the guide and not Williamson’s, and ordered that copies of the guide be held back from distribution around campus until Williamson officially takes over the job. The guide will not now be released on campus until 1st July, despite the fact that Summer exams will have ended over one month previously and that students living on campus will have already left for the Summer.

Copies of the guide have been removed from the Students’ Union corridor where they were being stored.

The twenty-page Guide was produced and paid for by UCDSU, however reports suggest that current SU President Gary Redmond has claimed to be unaware of the existence of such a publication.

The booklet is designed to help students with any issues they face during the summer months such as finding part time jobs, applying for grants, failing exams and applying for campus accommodation. It is understood the book will now be made available to students through their student advisers.