SU hopeful of Dublin Bus return


UCD Students’ Union have expressed hope for the full reinstatement of campus bus services after their meetings with Dublin Bus representatives. SU President Gary Redmond told The University Observer that following a recent meeting involving Dublin Bus trade union representatives, university representatives and UCDSU officers, that the SU are reasonably confident that services can be resumed.

However, no deadline for the reinstatement of full services has been decided upon by the groups. These meetings follow ongoing discussions between the three parties regarding bus services to the Belfield campus.

IMG_3423The meetings were convened due to the ongoing issue of Dublin Bus offering only a limited service on campus in the evenings due to antisocial behaviour on buses from students. The number 10 bus does not currently enter the campus after 8pm, while the 46A and 145 buses stop on the N11 flyover at the discretion of each individual driver. Dublin Bus have previously insisted that this course of action was necessary as drivers feared for their safety, following an incident last October where an inspector was attacked and punched at the northbound bus stop outside the campus.

Dublin Bus state in their bye-laws that “No passenger who, in the opinion of an authorised person, is in a state of intoxication or otherwise in an unfit or improper condition shall board or remain on the vehicle,” and that “no person shall behave in a riotous, disorderly, indecent or offensive manner in or about the vehicle.”

As a result of previous meetings with Dublin Bus, both the Students’ Union and UCD have taken measures to curb the problem of anti-social behaviour. These measures include an awareness campaign which saw the SU take out advertisments in the campus media, and erect posters around Belfield, advising against anti-social behaviour on campus buses. Redmond told The University Observer that at the recent meeting “the Dublin Bus unions noted that they were satisfied with the measures taken by both the SU and UCD, and thanked them for such.”

Redmond did however acknowledge that there are still issues to be resolved between the parties, saying that “there are still some outstanding points that are being addressed in due course”, and could not offer a timeframe as to when a full service might be resumed.