SU condom price increases by €4


THE COST of condoms supplied by the Students’ Union (SU) has increased by €4 due to the cost of postage. The increase means the price for a pack of 144 condoms has increased from €6 to €10.

SU Welfare Officer, Conor Fingleton, explained that the condom suppliers, who are based in Manchester, have increased the price as they had not considered the cost of postage when negotiating the original arrangement for the delivery.

“From my understanding, they had just underestimated the actual costs of postage,” explained Mr Fingleton. “It was actually the deal that they were doing with universities in the North so when they were bringing it to the South… the postage companies [here] charge a lot more so they weren’t in a position to offer it.”

Mr Fingleton stated that the only choice available to him by the suppliers was “to either accept the extra cost or not have [the product].” He stated that although they were forced to increase the price, the condoms are still cheaper than the normal price.

Mr Fingleton claimed that the price hasn’t affected the demand for the condoms and admitted that he was surprised with the demand that was shown by students. “The first time we had [the condoms], we sold out after two days so I was completely surprised by the demand,” said Mr Fingleton. “The service here… is well known through word of mouth among the students.”

Mr Fingleton explained that he is also aiming to sell smaller packs of twelve condoms in the SU shops around campus for €2.50. He hopes that the packs will be made available in the shops within the fortnight.
He believes that supplying them in the shops will provide Courtmore convenience for students, adding that “if you are in the Engineering Building or in the Arts block or Science and you don’t want to come over here. It’s another option.”

One of the problems that Mr Fingleton is currently facing is that the condoms, which will be sold in the shops, will be invoiced to him as opposed to the shops. “I don’t want to be a supplier for the shops,” explained Mr Fingleton. “I just wanted to leave it to the shops, the shops can order them, not have to come through me to order through the shop.”

The original deal was implemented in mid-September, having been organised by the Union of Students in Ireland (USI), after they reached an agreement to buy the condoms in bulk from a supplier in Manchester for sale or distribution by the constituent SUs in Irish universities.