Student Centre Set to Open Ahead Of Schedule


UCD’s new Student Centre is set to be completed and ready for use by next September, according to the project manager and Student Centre manager Dominic O’Keeffe.

Excitement has surrounded the structure as its progress was evident before the summer break. Mr O’Keeffe believes he and the whole of UCD can be proud of and take heart in the progress that has been made, stating that it will add a “whole new dimension” to the campus.

Students can look forward to access a wide range of new facilities. On completion, the centre shall include an Olympic-size (50m) swimming pool, a media studio, debating and drama theatres, as well a new student health centre. Another feature of the centre will be a cinema which will have reduced prices for students and will, according to Mr O’Keeffe, bring “UCD into the 21st century”.

Filmsoc, Dramsoc and the debating societies such as the L & H and Lawsoc, will be given offices, as will the campus media outlets.

The construction of the centre has been subject to some criticism. The current Student Centre was opened just nine years ago, and a large portion of the funding for the centre has come from the student registration fee.

Mr O’Keeffe says all attempts have been made to ensure students are given what they want and he is adamant that they will not be found wanting. Furthermore, he promises this is not the end of the changes within UCD. Encouraged by the success of the new Student Centre and the fact that it is to open ahead of schedule, he is hopeful that a revamp of the Sports Centre can happen in the coming years.

A foundation stone laying ceremony is being set for a date in October, with plans for an opening ceremony still in the works. Students can track the progress of the centre via a live webcam which is available online.

Further information on UCD’s new Student Centre can be found in the information hut outside the sports centre. A comprehensive list of details on the facilities that will be available in the centre can be found at