Six arrests at UCD Ball


Numerous injuries and violent incidents mar festivities

AT least six students were arrested at the 2009 UCD Ball, which took place on Friday, 24th April.

A spokesperson for Donnybrook Garda Station confi rmed that six students were arrested in the university for public order offences. A number of students were also taken to the Irishtown Garda Station when Donnybrook station reached full capacity as a result of student arrests.

Reports of anti-social behaviour included claims of assault, a door in Belgrove being damaged and lecherous behaviour by UCD students. Students Union (SU) President, Aodhán Ó Deá expressed his concern and disappointment at the violent and anti-social behaviour of students at the event and in the areas surrounding the site.

cover2“It’s unfortunate that people would fi ght at on a day like that. An event like that is on so as many students can enjoy the day as possible,” said Mr Ó Deá. “The last day of term is designed so that everyone ends the year on a good note.”

The SU President confi rmed that a number of students were injured on the day of the ball, some of which were seriously injured. Several students received medical treatment for alcohol intoxication. One student was taken to hospital with head injuries having fallen from a residence gate in Merville. According to Mr Ó Deá, many of the students were injured as they attempted to scale the hoardings into the event site and climbing over the residences gates.

“A lot of the incidents happened where people were trying to sneak onto the premises and that was where most of the casualties occurred. A lot of people were injured trying to jump over fences both at the site and at the residences,” said Mr Ó Deá.

Mr Ó Deá added that such violent incidents portray the university in a negative light. “It doesn’t give a great refl ection of the university, but at an event this size, it is almost to be expected.” Mr Ó Deá also expressed concern about complaints made to him about members of security who were brought to oversee the ball by event management company, Diffusion.

“I have received some complaints about the security and how people were dealt with. They said they were rough and being kicked out for no reason. We will have to look into every case specifi cally if people make serious complaints.”

Despite these diffi culties and poor weather conditions, Mr Ó Deá felt the 2009 Ball was a “huge success” and “everything went as planned”.

The SU President praised SU Entertainments Offi cer Gary Redmond for his organisation and management of the ball, saying, “I think it was better than last year. We were able to make lots of improvements based on last year’s experience, just even in terms of logistics.”

Financially, the UCD Ball was deemed to be successful, not losing any money on the event and Mr Ó Deá confi rming it made a small profi t, in contrast to previous years.

The line-up for the UCD Ball included Iglu & Hartly, Booka Shade, Republic of Loose, The Blizzards and SClub. The event took place in the car park behind the Student Centre.