Security Guard Assaulted on Black Monday


A security guard was assaulted in Belgrove Student Residences by a non-resident as he was being escorted off campus after failing to produce his student card on demand.

According to a Residential Assistant (RA) on campus at the time, there was a party taking place in one of the houses which was attended by the non-resident. When he was being led off campus security guards approached him asking for a student identification card. The non-resident refused to produce identification before becoming aggressive and injuring one of the security guards. He was consequently tackled to the ground and restrained.

The security guards who appeared on the scene were not due to start their shift in Belgrove until 7pm but nonetheless came to diffuse the situation, though some time had passed before they arrived on the scene. The Gardaí later arrived as the non-resident was being restrained.

One security guard allegedly sustained an injury; “a dislocated finger or something, that was the first diagnosis but there was also rumours flying about that he had a broken bone because of the way he landed”.

The RA spoke of a cut-back on security which, on most nights of the week, “is not an issue.” “It’s alright, but any night where it’s at all busy, and the two security guards are occupied with someone else, that still leaves you 500 other students that RAs have to deal with.” The source went on to state that “it’s regrettable as you can have a good time but it’s just one student who takes it too far”, and indicated that this will result in security being tightened next Black Monday. “We tend to be slightly relaxed about Black Monday, because it’s the first day and we allow a few parties, but after that everyone will be expected to cut down – it’ll ruin the fun for everyone.”

“There were six of us on duty and we were all occupied, we got the usual: outrageous parties and we had people climbing over every which way to get into the [residence]” is how the RA in question described the pandemonium on Black Monday.

A cut-down in security during Orientation Week, which resulted in there being no security guards after 2am, caused a slight disturbance among RAs. “You need someone after two, that’s when most of the instances happen.” This issue has since been rectified with two security guards present per residence from seven o’clock in the evening until two in the morning, and one from two in the morning until five.

The assault on the security guard is currently being investigated.