Rooms still empty after 7% price hike


Res reopened to second years and Dubs:

ACCOMMODATION PLACES ON campus are still empty following the seven per cent increase in prices this year. According to the UCD residences website, the places will be offered to all undergraduates in a bid to fill the spaces left over.

BelgroveDespite an average seventeen per cent fall in the rental prices around Dublin during the past year, UCD authorities chose to increase the cost of renting campus accommodation by seven per cent on last year’s figure.

Accommodation fees have risen from just under €4,000 per academic year to €4,288 per year for Merville and Belgrove residences, while Roebuck Hall residents, who were previously charged approximately €5,000 per year, are now required to pay €5,324.

Students’ Union (SU) Accommodation Officer, Dave Jones, told The University Observer he suspects “numbers are down because the prices have gone up, [but] I didn’t think they were inviting second years to apply”.

A UCD spokesperson defended the increase in rent, explaining: “the accommodation office undertook a review of rents last February and implemented a seven per cent increase across the board. Although private rental accommodation has fallen, the office maintains on-campus residence is still very good value.”

In another change to the rules governing the UCD campus accommodation, students will now be allowed to sign in on guest to stay overnight in their apartments. Students previously faced fines of one hundred euro for accommodating overnight guests.

It has also emerged that the UCD accommodation office has also acquired apartments near Stillorgan, which have been made available to UCD students. Apartments in the Beechwood Court development at Galloping Green were reportedly been made available after the developers struggled to sell them. Jones remarked that the “Beechwood Court apartments were hired en bloc and given out to UCD students”. The complex consists of two bedroomed apartments, costing approximately €1200 per month.