Roebuck flooding leads to full investigation


AN INVESTIGATION will be undertaken by the UCD Residence Committee after an apartment in Roebuck Hall was flooded earlier this month. The flooding caused significant damage to the apartment itself, but also the apartment below it in the complex.

Those leading the investigation will seek to establish the circumstances leading up to the flooding and if it was a deliberate act by the student/students involved. It is believed that water from a blocked sink and shower overflowed, causing an inundation of the apartment, which filtered down to the property below.

Vice-President for Students, Dr Martin Butler confirmed an investigation is underway and that the full financial implications will be revealed pending the results of the inquiry. “How the flood occurred, the nature of the damage and the cost of repair is currently under investigation,” he said.

roebuckDr Bulter declined to comment if he believed that the act causing the flooding was deliberate saying, “I think it would be unfair to comment when we don’t know, but there will be an investigation.” He added that the university would seek disciplinary action should the students be proven to be at fault.

“Of course [we would seek disciplinary action], if a student is in violation of any aspect of the student code, the normal procedures will be applied. We need to maintain the integrity of the campus.”

Students’ Union (SU) President, Aodhán Ó Deá conveyed his disappointment that students in UCD would be capable of deliberately flooding on-campus accommodation. “I was shocked when I heard about it. It was a very selfish thing to do. That simple act affected many students located in apartments below,” he said.

Mr Ó Deá continued to say that any deliberate vandalising or destruction of university property, or anti-social behaviour on campus residences or anywhere else in the university would not be tolerated. “It is obvious that this kind of behaviour needs to be stamped out.”