Re-sit and repeat fees reduced


A new system has been introduced for the payment of re-sit and repeat fees.

As it currently stands, a student who is repeating one exam no longer has to pay the student contribution fee but solely the €230 re-sit or repeat fees.

According to the old system, if a student was coming back for one semester to repeat an exam, they would be required to pay the €230 repeat or re-sit fee as well as the €750 registration fee for one semester.

Students’ Union Education Officer Sam Geoghegan commends the change, stating that “it’s saving students a lot of money; it’s funny that the government let that happen.”

The change of scheme was not a Students’ Union initiative but one that was introduced in the 2011 Budget.

Geoghegan continues to explain why the change was introduced; “It’s probably because it’s now not clearly defined what students are paying for – it used to be the student services fee, and then the government or the HEA would pay for our tuition, but now the government are contributing to the overall pot and so are the students.

Therefore, it’s unsure what a typical student is paying for with the €2000, they could be paying for some of his or her tuition but they could also be paying for student services, it’s not clear where the money is going; because of that, I don’t think it was possible for the government to charge a registration fee when the students were only just taking a repeat or re-sit.”