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Fine Gael propose tax scheme to replace fees

FINE Gael, the opposition party to the Government, has proposed that future graduates should be levied with higher PRSI charges, instead of third-level education fees, to pay for their part of the cost of third-level education. This scheme would see former students paying 30 per cent of the costs of their education through a higher PRSI charge that would be imposed for up to ten years.

If in place, Fine Gael claims that €500 million would be raised per year from the levy and that third-level education fees would not be a necessary imposition on students currently embarking on college education.

The proposal comes after the Union of Students in Ireland (USI) announced that almost 40,000 students would be unable to continue third-level education if fees were re-introduced.

Quinton O’Reilly

UCD offered 800 Gasworks apartments

UCD has been approached by a company who own apartments in the Gasworks on Barrow Street, Ballsbridge with a proposition to purchase 800 apartments which could accommodate up to 1,600 students.

Students’ Union (SU) President, Aodhán Ó Deá explained that these dealings have been “going on for years” but since the downturn in the economy the company” has been pushing it more.” However, he believes that the reason behind the university’s refusal to purchase the apartments is that they are too expensive to accommodate students.

Mr Ó Deá regards the proposition with caution, stating “It wouldn’t be the worst idea, but there are plans for more residences around campus and I’d prefer to see it going that way.” Despite these feelings he did acknowledge that “in the short term it would be a good idea.”

Mr Ó Deá asserted that “there are no concrete plans… as far as I’m aware there is nothing in place”, insisting that that he doesn’t imagine that the university has “the cash to try to even invest in that [the Gasworks apartments].”

Barbara Feeney

SVP raise almost €3000 for charity

THE UCD branch of charity Saint Vincent de Paul (SVP) raised almost €3,000 during two days of collections on the Tuesday and Wednesday, 24th and 25th February.

UCD SVP Entertainments Offi cer, Ian Mays said he was happy with the money raised by the SVP Day and the SVP Pre-Day and praised the committee members and those who helped with collections for their dedication. “There were around 35 to 40 people out, which made all the difference.”

Collections took place in Belfi eld and in the greater Donnybrook area, including DART and Luas stations. A ‘Where’s Wally’ search and group busking also raised funds on campus, something which Mr Mays describes as “a good way of making money, and good fun as well.”

The SVP then celebrated their success with an evening charity event in Tripod nightclub. Money generated from the collections will help to fund SVP soup runs. Mr Mays also stated that he hopes to donate €1,000 to a local community centre.

Zelda Cunningham