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Irish lecturer Ciarán Ó Con Cheanainn passes away
Ciarán Mac Raghnaill

A LECTURER in the School of Irish, Celtic Studies, Irish Folklore and Linguistics, who was also a PhD student in the university passed away on the Tuesday, 3rd February. Members of staff and students have expressed their grief at this unexpected loss.

Is méala mór do na mic léinn ar fad i Roinn na Gaeilge bás Chiaráin Uí Chon Cheanainn. Ba mhaith linn comhbhrón na mac léinn a chur in iúl dá ghaolta. Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam.

Pete Doherty hosts philosophy lecture in TCD
Zelda Cunningham

MUSICIAN Pete Doherty was invited to give a lecture in philosophy to Trinity College Dublin (TCD) students on Friday, 6th of February. The former-Libertines singer and Babyshambles frontman was invited to the university by the Philosophical Society (PhilSoc). Mr Doherty was almost two-and-a-half hours late for his lecture, a delay that members of PhilSoc attributed to delays in London’s Heathrow airport due to adverse weather conditions. The singer/songwriter spoke to throngs of students about his musical and personal philosophies and performed a track from his upcoming solo album. Other guests invited to TCD by Phil Soc include Bram Stoker, Al Pacino and Senator John McCain.

Former UCD student pleads not guilty by reason of insanity
Quinton O’Reilly

A FORMER part-time UCD student, who killed a man has pleaded not guilty to murder by reason of insanity. Thomas Connors (25) told the courts that he believed that the man was the devil before attacking him on the morning of 15th December, 2007. The court also heard how Mr Connors has a history of psychiatric illness and had sought medical help on three occasions in the days before the murder. He had been previously admitted to hospital with psychosis in 2004 and 2005.

UCD Fashion Show cancelled due to time constraint
Zelda Cunningham

THE UCD Fashion Show has been cancelled, despite organisers claiming that they would be able to proceed with the event. Arts Society (Arts Soc) Auditor, Jonny Cosgrove admitted that timing constraints prevented the organisers from holding the event, commenting, “we could pull it off but it wouldn’t be the same thing. We want people to enjoy the event without thinking, ‘oh god its in a month’”. Mr Cosgrove added, “We had a lot of interest in it this year’s event so we’re just going to focus on setting up committees and laying the foundations for this year.” Mr Cosgrove expressed his disappointed but said of the event, “it isn’t gone yet.”