News in Brief


SVP raise €3,000 from homeless week
Quinton O’Reilly

THE UCD Saint Vincent de Paul Society (SVP) have raised over €3,000 during their homeless awareness week. SVP Auditor, Kevin Conlon, expressed his delight with the amount raised as the students originally intended to only collect clothes.

“To be honest, we only put out the collection boxes as an afterthought,” admitted Mr Conlon. “We were only going to collect clothes originally.”

Mr Conlon was happy with the week’s proceedings and commented on the support shown by students and staff on campus. “We had a lot more support [than expected],” said Mr Conlon. “We thought it would be quite small, a quiet event that a few people would know about. It seems the whole college knew what we were up to.”

Mr Conlon hopes that the event will now become an annual occasion, saying that “this is the first time we’ve done it… but certainly I would be in favour of making it an annual event. If we got the same support for next year and the following years, then I see no reason why we shouldn’t do it again.”

All clothes that were donated during the week will be distributed during the SVP’s soup run. UCD SVP Homeless week took place from the 10th to the 13th November.

L&H debating team reach final of Oxford Intervarsity
Ciara Fitzpatrick

THE Literary and Historical (L&H) Society debating team reached the finals of the Oxford Intervarsity competition, held from the 7th to the 9th of November. The team, which consisted of Ian Boyle-Harper and Stephen Boyle, won both the University of Toronto Debating Intervarsity and the Yale Intervarsity last month. However, they were defeated at the Cork Intervarsity by Middle Temple from Cambridge Oxford.

L&H Auditor, Ian Hastings, said that the team at Oxford, “got to the final of the competition and they lost the final on a five four split. So they just lost the final… four agreed that the Boyles had won.”

The L&H society was also represented by two other teams at the competition with one team, which consisted of Susan Connolly and Marguerite Carter, making it to the top ten. Stephen Boyle, Ian Boyle-Harper, Susan Connolly and Marguerite Carter made up four of the top twenty speakers at the competition.
The Law Society was also represented by three teams, which all made it into the top 100 teams at the event.

Over 132 teams from universities all over the world competed at the Oxford Intervarsity. The last time a team from UCD emerged victorious at the event was in 2001.

Costs for organic garden were “minimal”
Quinton O’Reilly

VICE-President for Students, Dr Martin Butler, has claimed that the funding for a UCD organic garden, which does not appear to be in operation anymore, was “minimal.”

Dr Butler stated that the amount invested into the organic garden in 2006 was “definitely under a thousand euro,” and claimed that the investment was financially sound. “It was not a costly proposal,” said Dr Butler. “The money involved was minimal… there’s no huge amount of money and in fact, there’s no money at all being lost on this.”

Dr Butler affirmed that there “wasn’t a huge investment in this particular project” and stated that the students who were originally interested in running the garden two years ago are still attending the university. However, he was unaware of any students who are currently involved in the project.

Dr Butler admitted that the organic garden “would not be at the top of my priority list” but stated that he supported the project and its subsequent investment.

“We do put a serious amount of checking into the viability of any project, to see if it is a very viable project,” said Dr Butler. “But again, we have to give students a certain degree of leeway and initiative… it’s important that we do this here, that we foster initiatives.”

The establishment of the organic garden was funded by the Newman Fund, which falls under the responsibility of the Vice-President for Students. It is believed that there are no longer any students involved in the running of the project.