Newman Games “logistical nightmare” says Ryan


Students’ Union Campaigns & Communications Officer Paddy Ryan has described the organisation of the Newman Games tournament as “a logistical nightmare”.

Newman 2The Games have been dogged by cancellations and scheduling conflicts since the beginning of the tournament.

Fixtures set for particular days have been re-arranged due to teams not showing up, not having enough players or being unable to play at the designated time due to academic conflicts.

Ryan said that he had hoped to have the Newman Games run to a “pre-determined schedule” which he had worked out to allow each team play twice. He explained that he had requested each team to send their timetables to him so he could work around the times that they are free, but that this proved problematic.

According to Ryan, this did not work due to “some teams not being free at assigned times.” Ryan stated that he had contacted each team for availability, but felt that his job was made harder by the fact that “some teams never sent me times which they were free.”

Matches in the second week of the tournament were also cancelled due to adverse weather conditions, when Ryan felt that it would have been unfair on the players to play in these conditions.

He also stated that “as a lot of teams had mid-term assignments due in the past few weeks, they have had to request for matches to be postponed,” and that he agreed to this request as it is “only fair as some teams might have academic commitments.” He added that he had tried to facilitate teams as much as possible.

Further to this, the rule that each team have at least one female player has been abolished only a few weeks in to the tournament. Ryan stated that this was due to some teams being unable to field a side featuring any female, but that he feels that “there are clear benefits of having a female on the pitch at all times which has been clear from results.”

The Newman Games will not comprise of a table quiz this semester, as it has in previous years, although it is unclear whether a table quiz will be held next semester. The games remained unfinished, but Ryan predicted they will be completed within the next fortnight.