Med Day funds donated to four charities


PROCEEDS from Med Day will be donated to the Irish Cancer Society, the Cystic Fibrosis Association of Ireland, Barrettstown children’s camp and the Dundrum Arts Club. Any remaining funds will be donated to the Mater hospital, St Vincent de Paul society and to Medical Students Overseas relief.

Medical Society (Med Soc) Auditor, Niall McGoldrick, said that the students “were extremely happy with the day”. Describing himself as “delighted” with the success of the event, he added, “I suppose it’s really a credit to all the people who went out collecting”.

Med students continue traditions as they run through Dublin dressed in drag. PHOTO: Elizabeth Tracey
Med students continue traditions as they run through Dublin dressed in drag. PHOTO: Elizabeth Tracey

Although there was not an official figure at the time of print, Mr McGoldrick hopes that the society has brought in “significant funds for some very worthwhile causes”. He is confident of this, describing the support he received from students on the day. “I know that like any other student based days, they would support it as well and give some loose change… generally speaking they were quite happy and enthusiastic about it”.

Students began collecting for charity at 7am in the city centre, which was followed by a pom-pom dance, where a number of male students dressed up in drag, a tradition described by Mr McGoldrick as “probably one of the most recognisable features of Med Day”.

Students returned to campus in the afternoon where they participated in a tug of war, sumo wrestling and chest waxing. The main event held on the day was Med’s Got Talent, a replacement for Med Idol, which has been held over recent years. Mr McGoldrick said that it was decided to change the format of the competition to allow people to do different performances. The medicine students then enjoyed a silent disco before finishing the night in the Purty Kitchen.

Med Day took place on 3rd October and was the second occasion that the event was based in the Belfield campus. Previous Med Days took place in Earlsford Terrace where Medical students were based before they moved to the Health Science building in 2007.