LMFAO tickets sell out in forty minutes


Tickets for the LMFAO gig in the Student Bar on November 7th went on sale in the Students’ Union shop under the library at 11am and at 2pm last Monday, the 10th October. The tickets from each batch sold out in thirty and ten minutes respectively.

The decision to split the sale of tickets was taken to “give people who had lectures at eleven a chance” according to UCD Student Union Ents Officer Stephen Darcy. Demand for tickets was high with the total time for ticket sales being “well under an hour”.

Darcy was unable to confirm if this is the fastest selling Ents event on record as the Union is still looking into the matter. However, he commented that “it seems to be and it definitely is in the last five years”.

While Darcy was unsurprised at the event selling out, “I knew it would sell out”, he had not anticipated the sheer demand for tickets by students; “the demand for tickets after it sold out is phenomenal still, I’ve never seen anything like it for a UCD gig – it’s absolutely crazy”.

Despite the high demand, Darcy would not consider moving future Ents events off-campus to allow for a larger capacity than the eight hundred and fifty person scale of the Student Bar. While he feels that this might be considered the ideal thing to do he also recognises the importance of having events on campus, “I think it’s very important that our student bar gets our students into it rather than bringing them to a venue in town, I just think it’s better to keep stuff on campus”.

He stressed the importance of the LMFAO event being for UCD students. While there was no limit on the number of tickets students could buy, he points out that only one non-UCD student can be signed in at a time: “If you were buying for five of your friends outside UCD you’re going to need UCD students to sign them in”. He says this measure was put in place to “keep it as much as possible a UCD gig”.

It appears that forward planning was the key to securing such a large act, as Darcy states that he had the event in mind since SU election time last March and that he began organising it as soon as he began his term as Ents officer in June.

To deal with the high volumes of students in the SU Bar Darcy affirms that extra security measures will be implemented “as per the law”.