L&H named largest society


THE LITERARY and Histortical (L&H) Society, having signed up an estimated 4227 members, is the biggest society in UCD, despite experiencing a decrease from last year’s membership figure of approximately 4600.

L&H Auditor, Ian Hastings commented that the success of the society is due to the genuine enthusiasm of the committee and the society’s keeping their word in presenting their promised guests, such as Desmond Tutu, Roger Daltrey and two US Senators. “We going to have more night club events, more formal receptions after speaking events and merge night club events in with our guest speakers, like last year’s Will Ferrell’s ‘Gun Show’”.

With 3720 members, the Law Society (LawSoc) surpassed the its all-time membership record. LawSoc Auditor, Niall Ó hUiginn described his team as “delighted” with the increase in membership and attributed the rise to the hard work of the committee. Mr O’hUiginn believes that the society “can offer their membership a continuous activity”.

In addition, the Commerce and Economics (C&E) Society has shown a significant increase of 200 members as approximately 3500 members have signed up for the 96th session of the society. C&E Auditor, Paddy Griffith felt the society played an active role during Freshers’ Week stating that “(we) had a good crew out, with a lot of presence”. Mr Griffith is confident that the coming year will be a successful one for C&E, adding that “the Commerce Ball in Clontarf Castle will be a bit different.”

Contrasting with the success of their competitors, the Business and Legal (B &L) Society noticed a decrease in membership this year. B&L Auditor, Amro Hussain felt that, “freshers weren’t as responsive to the tent [this year]. Monday of this week wasn’t as busy as the Wednesday of last year”.

Despite this, Mr Hussain expressed enthusiasm for the events of the coming year. After the chaos of Freshers’ Week he plans to organise a trip to ‘I Love Techno’ in Belgium for B&L Society members.
Qsoc Auditor, Aisling Richards estimated that the number of Qsoc members had also dropped by 500 from last year’s figures of approximately 2500. Despite the drop in new members, Ms Richards felt Freshers’ Week, “was a really good success”, oweing praise to Qsoc’s “eye catching” stand.

Dramsoc join LawSoc in beating their membership record, with a total membership of 1250, rising by 400 from last year. Dramsoc Auditor, Conor McKenna expressed delight in the increase of members, describing his success as “pretty cool”.

Mr McKenna believes the increase in membership is, “testament to the amount of events we ran”. He is particularly looking forward to the Rent the musical.

The Arts Society (ArtsSoc) Auditor Johnny Cogrove, explained that membership for his society had increased significantly, to 2320 from last year’s figure of 1400. He explained that “a lot of socities went down in membership so we were a bit worried, instead we have had a great increase, so I’m happy.”

Mr Congrove attributed the success of Freshers’ Week to the dedication of the committee and the events that the society have planned for the upcoming year, such as the Arts’ Ball and Arts’ Day.