“Legal issues” stop publication of SVP nude calendar


A nude calender made by UCD Saint Vincent de Paul Society (SVP) has been prevented from publication by Societies Officer, Richard Butler, as a result of perceived legal issues surrounding its publication.

The nude calendar proposal originated with the SVP and the photos were taken before Christmas comprising of society members from all across the university. However, a draft copy of the calendar was not given approval when sent to Butler, who told The University Observer “I decided that it was not appropriate for the calendar to be produced.”

The auditor of the SVP told The University Observer that he has reason to believe there may be legal reasons involved in the prohibiting of the publication.

In an email sent to SVP auditor Conor Tonry, Butler said: “there is a separate issue and set of circumstances that the University is dealing with at the moment, entirely separate from the calendar, but which could be affected negatively by such a venture.”

Tonry said “ Over the last few days, I contacted a lot of people and the most information that I got is, that at the moment UCD are fighting a number of different legal battles and felt that while these disputes are going on, it wouldn’t be a good idea to bring out a naked calendar.”

Mr Butler said “the decision was based on the proposal by the SVP Society to produce this Calendar, I’m not aware of any legal issues being discussed with the Auditor of the SVP society.” When asked about the refusal to allow the calendar to be published, Niall Fahy said “I thought it was strange but I probably couldn’t comment on whether or not it was justified.”

Tonry said of the cancellation of the calendar: “I put a lot of work into it. It was disappointing but I accept that they must have had a good enough reason. Different colleges do calendars. I suppose it’s our fault. We didn’t realise these issues. They were unforeseen.”

Tonry sent an email to the calendar participants to explain why the calendar would not come into fruition: “I would like to apologise to all of you as I realise that taking part in a naked calendar is a really hard thing to do. We, in SVP, thought that we had all areas covered. We thought that the decision of the calendar being published or not lay with the Societies Officer and not the those who are in the hierarchy of UCD and the “separate issue and set of circumstances” was something that I would never have foreseen.

However I do not want to make excuses for myself. Considering that I am the auditor of UCDSVP I should have found this stuff out, but I didn’t. So if you feel angry or disappointed by this whole situation then you can blame me.”