Leak shuts down section of library


A SECTION of the James Joyce Library was closed off after a broken window seal caused a leakage on the second floor of the building.

The leak, which happened on the 14th April, was said to be caused by adverse weather conditions and the way the rain was blown into the faulty window. During the flooding, an area of the library was cordoned off from use and several desks were made unavailable for student use.

Library Services Officer, Monica Glynn, stated that it wasn’t a major issue and didn’t cause much disruption to students, explaining that the leak was due to the heavy rainfall and wind at the time. The damages are not believed to be extensive with minimal carpet damage and the broken window seal being the main issues.

Ms Glynn explained that the leaks were first identified after several complaints by students using this section of the library were made.

The Library Services Officer said that disruption to students was minimal, despite it being so close to the exam period and a busy time for students with regard to continuous assessment. She said that at the time that the flooding occurred, the library was “no where near full capacity’, and therefore students could easily find seating in areas other than those cordoned off. Ms Glynn also said that the tables, which had originally been blocked off, are now in use again and the damages would not take long to repair.

Ms Glynn mentioned that they originally thought the issue was with the roof but upon further investigation they discovered it was a broken window seal explaining that issues like this would be expected since the library was larger and older compared other buildings. Ms Glynn also pointed out that the leaking window could have caused significant damage had students had left their laptops, books or notes at their desks unattended.