International News in Brief


Georgetown student assaulted by five men

A STUDENT of Georgetown University, Washington DC was assaulted by five males according to a report issued by the US Department of Public Safety (DPS).

The student was hit over the head when he failed to hand over money to the attackers but the men fled when the student began to call for help.

The DPS reported that the Metropolitan Police Department responded to the incident, however, the student refused to file a criminal report as well as medical treatment.

Georgetown University, Washington DC

Berkeley scientists discover Fat Gene

SCIENTISTS at the University of California have pinpointed a gene in mice that converts carbohydrates to fat.

The study identified a gene central to the process which, when disabled, converted 60 per cent fewer carbohydrates to fatty acids in the liver.

The study also helped the researchers better understand the mechanisms behind Type-1 diabetes.

Those who have Type-1 diabetes can’t produce insulin which prevents them from producing fatty acids normally. The researchers emphasised that the future aims of the study include  helping people eat good carbohydrates without gaining fat.

University of California, Berkeley

Toronto staff to vote on strike action

GRADUATE Assistants (GAs) in the University of Toronto (U of T) will vote to establish whether or not to strike against the terms of contract offered by administration.

The Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE ) local 3907, which represents 310 GAs at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) and U of T, the right to strike

if negotiators are unsatisfied with the university’s offered terms of contract. The CUPE local 3907 felt that the administration was taking away seniority rights by reducing working hours necessary for GA status as well  as increasing the number of half year contracts over previously held eight month contracts.

University of Toronto, Canada

California students protest against company worker treatment

STUDENTS from the University of California have protested against Russell Atheltic’s labour practices at the recent university’s board of directors meeting.

The company, which supplies sports clothing to the university, has been criticised for its alleged mistreatment of workers in Honduras and several universities have cut business ties with the corporation during the past month.

The university stated that while the board could not reveal what was discussed in relation to Russell Athletic, they would continue to evaluate its next steps in the matter.

University of California, Los Angeles

Cambridge face funding cut

RESEARCH resources at Cambridge University face a funding cut next year according to an announcement by the British government.

Results of a government study into the quality of university research, published by the Higher Education Funding Council for England, revealed that the total recurrent grant received by the university has increased to approximately £181.3 million. Research funding has increased by 1.89 per cent to £113.7 million from last year which is below the current three per cent inflation rate.

A spokesperson for the university said that Cambridge continues to receive the highest amount of funding in the country.

Cambridge University, England