Former UCD employee jailed for child abuse


A former UCD employee has been jailed for two years for the indecent assault of 19 boys in the 1960s. Seán John Drummond, a former Christian Brother and a Library Assistant at UCD, committed the crimes while working as a Second Class teacher in a Limerick national school. Drummond was sentenced on 10th December at Limerick Circuit Court.

The court heard that Drummond was moved to another class and then to another school after a parent complained about his behaviour.

Drummond, who was 19 at the time of the crimes, subsequently left the religious order in 1970. He has since married and had children, and had been living in Ballinteer. The crimes were first reported in 2005, after which all pupils of the class he taught were contacted by the Gardaí.

Judge Carroll Moran stated that the prolonged abuse had had a “traumatic effect on young boys who were at an impressionable and young age.” He also acknowledged that fact that Drummond had been able to move on and live a relatively stable life, while those he abused faced a number of problems, including alcohol and drug abuse, marital problems and learning difficulties. He also commented that Drummond’s sentence would have been less strict in the 1970s and that he had taken into account the number of victims, as well as the length of time over which the abuse had occurred.

Providing a psychological profile of the convicted, a senior psychologist for the Granada Institute, Fergal Rooney, stated that after joining the Christian Brothers at the age of fourteen, Drummond had been introduced to self-flagellation aged 16. Rooney also said he felt that Drummond was at a low risk of reoffending, after having carried out a psychological assessment upon him. Judge Morgan also acknowledged that, at 19 and being a member of a strict Catholic religious order, Drummond would have been immature and badly taught about sexual matters.

Drummond took early retirement from UCD after the allegations came to light. Some of his victims present at the sentencing applauded as he was led from the court after his sentence had been delivered.