Faulty computers to be upgraded by exam period


A NUMBER of Stand Up And Surf (SUAS) stations located in the Newman Building are due to be upgraded over the coming months, having been out of service for the past number of weeks. It is expected that the computers will be in full working order before the Christmas exam period.

IT Services’ Communications Officer, Olivia Jackman explained that the SUAS stations located in the Newman Building were “due for an upgrade in 2009… [as] they were more than half way through their life cycle”.

Explaining that he was notified about the problem two weeks ago, Students’ Union (SU) Education Officer, Paul Lynam stated that is working with IT Services to amend the issue. “During the weekend of class rep training, I was told by a class rep [about the problem]” said Mr Lynam. “The following Monday, I went down to the Arts block and counted how many were out of order and immediately, I contacted IT services”.

Mr Lynam expressed his sympathy with those who were hindered by the problem and added that he believes that the difficulty with the computers should be solved more quickly, adding that he felt “the serious issue is why we have to wait two weeks for an engineer to come over from England [to fix the computers]. I do have a problem with that”.

Ms Jackman explained that the problems experienced by students was due to a “hardware issue” and that an specialist engineer has been deployed from the supplier to diagnose and repair the problem. She went on to say that the problems experienced with the various SUAS computers cannot be fixed by UCD staff as “the SUAS PCs are specialist units and are constructed differently to standard PCs as they are all in one unit.”

The SUAS computers have been out of order for a substantial period of time, preventing students from logging into their UCD Connect email accounts. A number of students had expressed their concern with the situation.

First year student, Zoe Goff, expressed her annoyance at the malfunctioning of the computers, while queuing for SUAS access, explaining that she “can’t get [her] work done. It is annoying that this isn’t getting fixed more quickly”. Second year student, Simon McGuire, had similar complaints stating that, “I think it’s annoying that when you’re trying to get to class, you have to wait for computers that don’t work.”

Mr Lynam stressed that if students notice any faulty SUAS computers, they should immediately report the issue to IT Services so that the problem can be rectified.