€27,700 unused printer credit donated to Welfare Fund


Unused printing credit from dormant graduate students’ accounts is to be donated to the Student Welfare Fund. The credit, which amounts to €27,700, will now be utilised by the Student Welfare Fund in providing financial assistance to students who suffer unexpected difficulties during their time in UCD.

Scott Ahearn accepting a cheque on behalf of the Student Welfare Fund from UCD Medical Society auditor Alex Richardson after Med Day 2009

The donation is the result of an agreement between the Students’ Union, IT Services and the Ricoh Group, the providers of printing services throughout campus.

The initial deal was made by the SU with the Ricoh Group in September, after it was discovered that dormant printer accounts had not been closed for four years. At the time it was unknown how much money had been left dormant in these accounts. However IT Services confirmed last week that the credits from these accounts amounted to €27,700.

Students’ Union Welfare Officer Scott Ahearn and SU President Gary Redmond have been working on the agreement since the summer. Ahearn described the transfer of the money as going towards “a fantastic fund that aids students who fall upon difficult times while in college.” Ahearn added that his election manifesto “contained the plan to increase the monies available to the fund, and I’m happy I was able to achieve it.”

The scope of the Student Welfare Fund includes students who find themselves outside the normal channels of assistance.  Its governing committee meets regularly during the year, making it possible for students to apply for the fund at any time during the academic calendar. This year has seen a record number of applications for assistance from the fund.

Residence fines from the last academic year, amounting to €14,000, were also donated to the Student Welfare Fund last November.

Redmond told The University Observer he was “delighted” with the developments, and described the deal as being one of “various different initiatives” this year through which the SU has been able to “secure just under an extra €100,000 for Student Welfare.”