DVD machine removed due to technical issues


THE DVD vending machine that had been situated in the Library building has been removed due to technical difficulties. Students encounted problems when attempting to access the DVDs as the machine was unable to scan or recognise student cards and has been malfunctioning for several months.

Students’ Union (SU) President, Aodhán Ó Deá, said that the SU were forced to remove the machine as the company hadn’t responded to requests to repair it. “The company that originally installed it seemed to have disappeared altogether”, he explained. “We’ve been looking up the company and they don’t seem to exist anymore. They’ve seem to have taken their website down or gone out of business.”

The DVD machine is currently being kept in storage as it cannot be removed or disposed of until the contract signed with the company expires, or unless repairs are carried out. “[The company] do have a contract so we can’t actually get rid of the machine… [or] do anything with the machine because they did have a contract for it for two years.”

“It was made pretty much redundant for most of last year and at the start of the year,” said Mr Ó Deá. “We said that we’d just move it out of the way as there’s no point of having a machine there when the company clearly isn’t coming in.”

When asked if the SU were going to provide an alternative service for students, Mr Ó Deá admitted that there are no plans to do so, but said that he “will have to wait to see if the company do come back and offer us something better”. He claimed that there didn’t seem to be sufficient demand for the machine to be replaced but hinted that “if people really wanted it … we could look into doing something, maybe in the Library shop as is done in some shops where they do give out DVDs”.

Mr Ó Deá said the service was “handy” but stressed that it was “not one of the most essential services in the university.” He explained that the service “hadn’t been getting the greatest use… there was no real uptake on it and it was clear that it wasn’t hugely successful and wasn’t working.” He cited this as the main reason why the SU have not planned a different method of distributing DVDs to students.

The DVD machine was originally introduced by the former SU President, Dan Hayden, during the 2006/2007 term.