De Brún canters to Campaigns and Communications victory


The Campaigns and Communications Vice-President election was won by current Law Programme Officer Pat de Brún, with 67 per cent of the vote.

He had been in competition for the position with SU LGBT Rights Officer Colm Maguire. Maguire received 24.5 per cent of the vote, with eight-and-a-half per cent of students voting to re-open nominations.

The election was largely seen as a fair contest, de Brún told The University Observer the two candidates had “a very fair, clean election” and how he has “great respect for Colm.”

As this race was one of only two contested positions this year, it attracted a relatively large interest among the student population.

De Brún has named increasing the public profile of the Students’ Union as one of his top priorities for next year, saying he believes that students should see the union as being part of their daily lives, that they “should know what’s going on, and they should care.”

De Brún has been quite critical of the current sabbatical team, saying that they are largely invisible to the student body. He told The University Observer that “I want maximum representation and I want the beat representation possible.” De Brún promises to make the SU “relevant and visible” in an attempt to counter this problem.

Maguire meanwhile said he felt that the election was “definitely fair” and emphasised his thanks to his campaign team for their work for him, in particular his campaign manager Andrew Halligan.

The Campaigns and Communications Vice-President is in charge of overseeing much of the SU’s activities throughout the year, including organising protests and the Union’s annual Class Rep Training, as well as encouraging people to run for election to sabbatical, executive and class rep positions. The C&C Vice-President is also responsible for SU communications including all publications and circular emails.