Coca-Cola products still available despite Britvic deal


Products such as Coca-Cola and Fanta are still being sold in vending machines across campus in spite of the University’s exclusivity deal with Britvic.

Despite the ban on selling non-Britvic products in UCD, certain beverages are still available in vending machines in the Health Sciences building and the Sports Centre.

A spokesperson told The University Observer: “With a changeover of this nature, there is always a possibility of some lag at local unit level.” They added that “any lag has since been resolved,” yet the products are still on sale in vending machines at the time of going to print.

At the start of the semester, UCD negotiated a deal with Britvic Ireland to exclusively sell their products at all outlets across campus. This deal was made in an effort to secure extra funding for the university.

The deal went ahead despite a referendum held alongside the Students’ Union’s sabbatical elections last February in which 52 per cent of UCD students voted to overturn the boycott initiated by UCDSU in 2003.

When the US Federal Court found Coca-Cola not guilty of human rights violations in 2009, the decision was taken to put the boycott to students in a referendum to have it overturned.

This type of exclusivity deal is very common in American universities. Pennsylvania State University was the first to sign a $14 million exclusivity deal in 1992 with Pepsi-Cola to exclusively sell their products.

The SU ban that was put in place in 2003 only applied to selling Coca-Cola products in SU outlets. The drink was still available to students in vending machines on campus, as well as in restaurants and various shops.

The exclusivity deal meant that from September onwards, Coca-Cola, along with other non-Britvic products, was to be removed from campus with immediate effect. This included the restaurant and other shops set up on campus that had previously been allowed to stock Coca-Cola and its products.