Ball will be 'strictly for UCD students'


UCD Ball organizers are to employ new ticketing measures designed to ensure that the majority of students attending the Ball this year will be UCD students.

Tickets for the Ball, which are usually sold online as well as in SU shops around campus, will now be mostly sold online using an advanced and custom-built new system. To buy tickets, students will have to be physically present on the UCD network or be logged into their account on the university’s online Student Information System (SIS).

Speaking to The University Observer, SU Entertainments Officer Mike Pat O’Donoghue said that students will only be able to purchase a maximum of four tickets each through the online service. He explained that the reason behind this change in ticket sales is to ensure that the event “offers UCD students a chance to make the most of their last day on campus, surrounded by their fellow UCD students.”

This year, the event will be relocated from its usual home beside the Student Centre to the football pitches opposite the Quinn School of Business. This move allows for the capacity to be increased from 5,000 to 8,000 students. In line with this rise in capacity, the organisers have had to take greater measures to ensure that students will not only have a better chance of being able to attend this year’s event, but also to guarantee the safety of patrons as soon as they enter the vast venue.

In tandem with the new ticketing system, students will be monitored when leaving and re-entering the site so that the organisers will be able to tell exactly how many people are in attendance at any one time. Although this system has never been trialled on a student market before, O’Donoghue explained that it had been successfully used on large UK festival events such as Lovebox and Global Gathering and said he was excited to see how the arrangements would work in an Irish setting.

One thousand ‘Early Bird Tickets’, priced at €25, are scheduled to go on sale at noon tomorrow, Wednesday 17th February, with the remainder of the tickets going on sale at a later date priced at €35. Details of the acts confirmed to appear at the event are to be released in the coming days.

O’Donoghue said that with the help of a “massive” team of UCD staff members, event management organisations and other SU representatives, he hoped the UCD Ball would be “the biggest event based on the Belfield campus ever”.