Mix Tape: Songs you should know


From Cavalleria Rusticana to De La Soul, Kieran Lynch takes us by our musically-challenged hand and leads us down the ‘tracks’ of songs that you really should know by now

Progressive Rock: Time – Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon

Remained in the US charts for an astounding 741 weeks, this album should be compulsory listening for anyone looking for pioneering music. You should also devour the Beatles discography.

Alternative Rock: There There – Radiohead

Possibly godfathers of their time, diversifying at every opportunity, this single from Hail to the Thief is a middle finger in the face of those who claim that ‘Radiohead are depressing.

Indie: Taro – Alt-j

Depicts war photographers/partners Robert Capa and Gerda Taro in their final surroundings with death imminent. Poetic to those who know, still captivating to those who don’t. These Mercury award-winning guys have Sitar and Tabla (Indian percussion) in the mix which lets off an Indian vibe that sees us exposed to a style of music we aren’t subjected to too often. (PSY’s Gangnam Style aside.)

Brit Pop: Blur – Parklife

Some say the ’90s was the blip in the evolution of music, but when Blur are around to drag the decade through, you can rest assured they’ll do it all day long with this masterpiece.

Electro: We are from Venice – The Bloody Beetroots

Not off an album per sé, but this song creates unrefined energy, seeing them firsthand verified that. These Italians signed to Steve Aoki’s label, have toured off the back off Romborama since 2009. Not heavyweights by any means, but the future looks…bloody?

Pop: Rocketman – Elton John.

Current artists, take note. This guy knows how to expertly craft a pop song, regardless of the state you’re in. It’s best played in a car, though with a caveat attached: the car will not ascend off the N11 in a Chambers of Secrets fashion.

Folk: Blue Ridge Mountains – Fleet Foxes

Vocal harmonies and lilting guitar are what these Seattle-natives are best at. Winter orientated, this self titled album could be the ‘me you’re looking for’ trudging to the RDS next month, just don’t tell Lionel. It’d kill him.

Rap: Eye Know – De La Soul

Remixed many a time, a hybrid collection of samples itself, ‘Eye Know’ is a perfect instance of how sampling should be used, with free flowing lyrics that put you in a good mood. I’d recommend ‘Three feet high and rising’ to anyone who has become jaded with current Rap/RnB.

Country: I’m a Man of Constant Sorrow – Soggy Bottom Boys

Surprised if anyone reading knew this song prior to O Brother Where Art Thou? It’s a pretty bad-ass song due to the melody as far as country goes and it takes on the standard model of lamenting about one’s life; estranged lover, leaving home and God.

Classical:  Intermezzo -Cavalleria Rusticana

Used in Raging Bull and The Godfather, Scorsese knows how to score a film. For those who shy away from this genre with no valid reason, this beautifully composed piece should convince even the most Cheryl’d Cole.