Music: The road to knowhere

Chad Elliott of Funeral Party talks to Conor O’Nolan about teenage angst and the perils of junk food

Rising indie band, Funeral Party, have been steadily building a fan base for the last few years and their achievements were acknowledged when they managed to bag themselves the much-coveted number 47 position in the NME’s “50 Best New Bands of 2010” end-of-year list. Despite being reluctant to classify their music when asked to describe their sound, Chad Elliott, the band’s vocalist says “I think there’s a kind of genre that we’ve made up called ‘Teenage’, and I think our music kinda falls in that genre [like] teenage angst and death”.

Their songwriting has culminated with their debut album Golden Age of Knowhere, which is due for release later this month. Chad expresses excitement at the album being released: “I just can’t wait for people finally to have a copy in their hands to hear it.” The album has actually been complete for over a year, but primarily as a result of mixing problems, it’s only being released now.

The band chose Lars Stalfors (who previously worked with the Mars Volta) to engineer and produce their album, having previously worked with him on their initial demos. “We decided to pick him again because he was really comfortable and easy to work with,” he explains.

Despite being a band for a relatively short period of time, Funeral Party have amassed an impressive touring record, having already played two gigs in Ireland. This time however, they hope to actually take in a bit of the country: “We only get to see it for a few hours,” he says. “Then we play the show and then we gotta go. Hopefully this time around, we’ll get to see some parts of it.” After a tour of the UK and Ireland, the band will then embark on a world tour encompassing France, Japan and Australia.

Funeral Party have toured with an array of bands, from the likes of 30 Seconds to Mars to Surfer Blood. It’s not all plain sailing though; the touring lifestyle has begun to affect the group’s health, namely their waistlines. When asked about new year’s resolutions, Chad says: “I think a good resolution would be to stop eating junk food,” before adding: “Junk food’s not good for anybody.”

With 2011 only kicking off, Funeral Party have a lively future ahead of them, sitting in their van, further cultivating their moustaches and eating lettuce.

Golden Age of Knowhere is out on January 24th and they play Academy 2 on February 1st.