LMFAO play sell-out gig in Student Bar

The LMFAO gig held in the Student Bar on the 7th of November has been described as the “pinnacle of UCD Ents so far” by Students’ Union Ents Officer Stephen Darcy.

The gig was one of the fastest-selling events in UCD Ents’ history, with tickets being sold out in less than an hour. Darcy described the attendance of the event as “full-house” with the 850 capacity of the bar being completely filled and was “delighted and ecstatic” with the event and its “smooth” running.

Extra security was in place on the night and was described by Darcy as being “fantastic, they handled everyone really well. When it comes to big gigs like that they’re usually very well briefed on how to handle it. The security company that’s involved do a lot of concerts and stuff so they’ve been around crowds like that before and they know what to do”.

According to Darcy, LMFAO, who played a one and a quarter hour set, were the “biggest gig ever in UCD”. The duo consists of Stefan Kendal Gordy and Skyler Husten Gordy, better known as Redfoo and SkyBlu respectively. Their chart successes include “Shots,” and the number one hit “Party Rock Anthem” amongst others. The pair was attending the MTV EMAs in Belfast the night prior to the UCD gig.

Darcy has plans to continue with the standard he has set so far this year, “I need to look at how to keep going up with UCD Ents; obviously I’m a little bit biased, but I think this has been the biggest year ever. I have an idea in my head, contractually I can’t say anything though, with acts that I’ve enquired into, but I aim to not have LMFAO being the biggest act playing the bar this year”.

The next big Ents event will be the Christmas Ball, which is set to take place on November 24th. According to Darcy, “the aim is to keep that just cheap and cheerful so it’ll be €3 admission with maybe a cover band and Ents DJs”.

The Christmas event will be charity orientated, “so I don’t want to spend €1,000 on an act” Darcy explains, “the idea with the Christmas Ball is that it’s going to be for charity so it’s €3 or €5 in but if you bring a Christmas toy to the door and hand it over you get in free and we give it to charity so it’s going to be completely charity focused”. The donated toys will be going towards a Christmas shoebox appeal.