Letter from the Eds

Hola readers,

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for O-two, and we’re feeling good. We’re not going to lie, O-two was a bit behind schedule this issue and was touch and go at times, but all is back on track now. Hopefully you are all snuggled up and taking some time out of your stressful life to catch up on everything cultural.

We have an action-packed issue that will have something for everyone. Especially film, which has three blockbuster potentials under the watchful eye of our reviewers. Film Editor Jhobe gives his scholarly opinion on True Grit, Anna Burzlaff critiques the latest romcom How Do You Know and The Fighter gets a… just read the film section to find out.

As ever, O-two brings you hip music (but not hipster music) as we chat to the Florrie, Cloud Nothings, Cocophone and the latest Kings of Scotland, Mogwai. As seems to be a tendency with O-two, music has taken over our headliner slot yet again as we talk to MCR. Who are MCR? You’ll have to go to page 14 to find out.

Fashion continues to stay ahead of the trends, as Kieran Murphy decides you are all too inept to dress yourselves. The pick of the content this week has to be our Hitchhiker’s guide to frolitics. O-two realises the seriousness of this political epidemic, and is here to guide you all through it.

By the way, that quote at the start of the letter was from the song ‘Feeling Good’ and was taken from the Michael Bublé version, so Nina Simone, don’t even try to claim royalties!

Emer & Killian

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