Ocean of Frequency

Artist: Jape

Album: Ocean of Frequency

Grade: B+

For the unaware, Jape is the Choice Music Prize winning solo-project of Crumlin born jack-of-all-trades and The Redneck Manifesto bassist Richie Egan. Throughout his run, Jape has kept on the fringe of the Irish music scene, usually dabbling in a novel mix of indie rock and electro. Ocean of Frequency, his third offering, is no different.

However, the latest record feels more polished than before. Where Jape’s previous outings felt raw and rough around the edges – a quality that conveyed their experimental style – the new album has a touch more sophistication.  On the title track and ‘Internal Machine,’ you sense that Egan is finally mastering his art.

The album is instantly accessible with ‘Scorpio’ being a poppy delight while ‘One of Those Days,’ has a charm that truly improves with time.

Overall, this is great album. Nothing groundbreaking, but a standard all Irish music should aspire to.

In a Nutshell: Jape’s back, and he’s brought his A-game.