Insomnia new SU coffee supplier

A survey carried out by UCD Students’ Union on students’ coffee preferences has returned with results stating Insomnia is their preferred brand of coffee and that the price they’re willing to pay for coffee is between €1.25 and €1.50.

UCDSU President Rachel Breslin ran the survey to find out what students wanted from the Students’ Union’s shops, as the Union are currently in the middle of the process of restructuring their retail practices, as well as moving The Kiosk from the old student centre into a new, larger outlet in the new student centre. After completing the survey, she brought in several suppliers in the hope of getting the best deal for students.

She explained: “We’re rationalising and looking at all aspects of purchasing, so one of our biggest sellers is coffee. We’re actually one of the highest volume coffee sellers in a shop in Ireland at peak times, because we sell huge volumes around exam time and it is quite consistently high throughout the year. We felt that when we were opening a new shop and were looking to put in new machines in that new shop that we would review our overall purchasing methods and systems for coffee. We invited several suppliers in to make presentations, to propose what they would offer the students’ union and the students.

The exact price of the coffee, which currently retails at €1.25 in SU shops, has yet to be finalised, but Breslin is aiming to keep the price below €1.50. “We won’t be looking to go anywhere near high-street prices. It’s really just about what is the best way for the Students’ Union and the shops to balance good value coffee but at the same time turn the tide on the loss.”

There will be no baristas from Insomnia in shops; the coffee will be dispensed from self-service machines, in an Insomnia-branded area of the shops. Breslin is hopeful that confirming Insomnia as the SU’s new supplier will be a positive change within the shops. “We’re excited about it and it certainly seems like it’s a brand students really like, a taste that students like, and all their products are fair trade and they’re an Irish company so it works quite well.”