Halloween Nightmare

So you have yet another Halloween party looming and your creativity has been squeezed dry, but before you resort to throwing a white sheet over your head, then why not try reinventing something that’s already hanging in your wardrobe? Quick, simple, and you won’t have to spend your pay cheque on a costume that’s just going to collect dust after the party’s over.

  1. Little black dress – push the versatility of that old reliable party outfit to the limit. All you need is an old black cardigan or cheap cape, which the shops are full of at this time of year. Cut bat-shaped wings into the material, pop some black lipstick on and don’t forget to flap your wings!
  2. A Breton top – a wardrobe staple for everyone, a navy and white striped top can serve as the perfect sailors outfit. Just throw on some shorts, white shoes and anything nautical looking. You could even fashion yourself an anchor out of some tinfoil from your kitchen if you have the time. Use some file paper as the outline and then cover with foil and hang from your neck – a sailor’s necklace in no time.
  3. A boy’s t-shirt- whether it’s your boyfriend’s or your brother’s, steal an over-sized t-shirt and hoodie without them noticing, and you’ve got the basis of an excellent rapper or sports costume. Style with some chunky gold jewellery and a pair of headphones and you could be the next Fresh Prince. Alternatively, wear some Converse and grab a baseball bat or glove, if you have one lying around, and you’ve got yourself an American sports costume.
  4. A plain white tee – test out your artistic skills by grabbing some black paint and drawing a skeleton on a white t-shirt. It’s not as hard as it looks – just copy a cartoon image and keep it simple. If you’re a medical student you could always dig out your textbook and be that bit more anatomically correct. To give your costume an edge, throw some neon paint over the top and you’re ready to go.
  5. A vintage dress – You may need to raid your mum’s (or granny’s) wardrobe for this one. Give a dramatic, vintage-style dress a corpse-bride twist with blood-red lips and as much black eyeshadow as you can for a gothic, ethereal, Jane Eyre-inspired costume.

So there’s no need to panic, the perfect Halloween costume is already hiding in your wardrobe. Just be sure to wash out the fake blood and black lipstick stains before you wear them again!