Accommodation Stories: Richard Steadman


Second year Agricultural Science student, Richard Steadman currently rents an apartment in Ranelagh, as his commute from Arklow was not a realistic option.

“I live about four miles outside of Arklow, so it would be a good hour and a half, maybe more to get to college in the mornings. Now, in Ranelagh, without traffic in the morning it’s about a 15 or 20 minute drive. I’ve driven in every morning so far. I don’t know about cycling into college though, I might try that one morning.”

Living with three other students in the basement flat of a house, Steadman recounts that house-hunting was not the nightmare ordeal that faces the greater population of students. “I think it only took them about a week to find somewhere to live, so it wasn’t too difficult at all.”

Steadman does have to put up with a lack of privacy as he shares his room with a friend, but as he points out, this hasn’t caused any problems. “He doesn’t snore so it’s fine!”

It appears that the living arrangement has not been buredensome. Unlike the stereotypical issue for students, Steadman and his roommates have yet to have a run-in with their landlord. “We haven’t had any trouble with the landlord or the neighbours yet, although we’ve just moved in – this is our first week there. We knew the landlord wouldn’t mind having students in the house”.

Rented accommodation can be expensive, especially in the UCD locality, so Steadman’s rent of €437 a month, is around average, and through different means, he is confident of not coming up short at the end of the month. “I’ve heard of loads of people who are paying more, but it’s still pretty expensive. I worked a bit over the summer to pay for it, and my parents help me out with the rent as well.”

Considering the options of campus or commuting, Steadman is content with his living situation. Confident that he currently enjoys the best of both worlds, freedom from his parental home and a space away from the confines of UCD, Steadman’s not giving up his apartment easily. “I much prefer living in rented accommodation; it’s much handier and it’s better craic.”